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January 21, 2022

It was 2am and I sat on the floor of my office crying because I had ended yet another year without achieving my goals. They weren’t unrealistic goals. I wanted to earn $100k in revenue, take the weekends off, and be able to go on vacation in the summer with my family. So why wasn’t I able to achieve them? Why did I set those same goals for almost 5 years in a row, without ever coming close? It wasn’t because I couldn’t generate revenue. It wasn’t because I was missing a key marketing tactic or didn’t have the right ....


January 19, 2022

Using contracts improperly (or not at all) has cost me well over $50k in lost time and money over the last 13+ years. I’m sure you’re fully aware of how contracts protect you and your client – but are you confident your current contract has your back? Over the years, I’ve learned the hard way what to include in my contract to make sure a bad situation doesn’t repeat itself ,and I want to make sure you have these in your contract today. #1 – How You Handle Scope Changes If a client asks for something out of scope – ....


January 18, 2022

You look up from your work and realize it’s been three hours. Three glorious hours where the flow state grabbed hold and you got more done than you did all week. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? Flow state is a common goal for freelancers and creatives – but the actual times we’re able to drop into that state are minimal. And when we don’t achieve it that day, or week or month? We feel less-than, as if we’re not achieving our true potential. But what if you focused instead on two less popular states? Ones that lead to far ....


January 17, 2022

“As a generation we’ve lost the ability to have hobbies. All of our acts of creativity are now seen as something to be monetized.” I’m paraphrasing the quote above, but if you’re like me, it probably resonates somewhere in the gut area. In this age of side hustles and economies built on creativity, you can’t go three steps without hearing a message designed to help you earn money from something you enjoy doing. But the message does far more harm than good It’s not wrong to want to make a living from an activity you enjoy doing and people are ....


January 14, 2022

“I’m just not a sales person – I want to work on my projects and not have to convince someone to work with me.” Freelancers are great at what we do and produce amazing projects for our clients. But selling them? Not our forte. But in the process of selling over $750k worth of freelance work, I’ve refined a sales method for freelancers that not only increases the number of projects you win, but makes the whole process far less stressful. Introducing the Two-Step Sales Call You may be thinking you have only one chance to win over a client. ....


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