Build Your Freelance Career Through Network Building and Self-Promotion with Super Julie Braun


Have you been encountering fear and formality challenges when building an impactful career as a creative? Self-promoting through practicing and starting conversations online is just one way to break the ice and get close to finding projects that fit who you are.

Super Julie Braun is the founder and CEO of Super Purposes. Her company helps people get the salary they deserve regardless of their challenges by taking the fear and formality out of the career search. They’ve helped over 16,000 people by providing online courses such as “How to get a job in 12 weeks!” SJ and the creative teams at Super Purposes are currently producing a 12-week Docuseries, From Ground Zero to Career Superhero in which 5 unemployed job seekers get help on their career journey.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Super Julie explains how she mostly works with creative people to help them get the job and salary they deserve. Listen in to learn the power of building and maintaining a network to help you expand your job opportunities.


Super Julie talks about:

  • How to turn your personal liability into a valuable asset.
  • The importance of developing relationships to help expand your job opportunities.
  • How to self-promote and build your work network.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:40] Julie describes her creative career and how it led to work in corporate and eventually in her business.
  • [5:51] She explains the recipe she discovered to help people find fitting careers by providing the necessary resources.
  • [8:41] How to be a freelancer. Julie explains why as a freelancer you should develop relationships with people in your industry but not your direct competitors.
  • [17:30] How to self-promote by practicing and getting into conversations to build up your network.
  • [23:18] She shares some key components on how she personally maintains her network in this digital age.
  • [26:43] Julie’s advice on how to approach freelancing as a creative and find success in your job.
  • [31:59] She shares some of the side passions she does when not working.


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