Building a Referral Engine for your Creative Business


Episode Show Notes

Did you know you can grow your business through referrals? Yes, it’s totally possible!

For years, my business was completely referral based. I didn’t do any advertising; I didn’t do a lot of social media marketing. I did very little marketing. I was getting my clients from my existing clients. It worked out well, and I got good at doing it because I created a systemized process.

Do you want to continue growing your business through referrals? You need to have a referral engine in place.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing how to build a referral engine for your business. Many business owners think asking for a referral from a client is being a bother. It’s about time we shift our mindset and start viewing asking for referrals as a tool to grow our businesses.

Are you wondering how you can create a successful referral engine for your business? Here are the three main parts of the engine.

Episode Highlights

  • [15:39] Promoting your referral program: It is essential to let your clients know that you have a referral program in place. Be sure to include it in your onboarding, offboarding, and throughout the process of working with your clients. The key behind a referral program is we’re consistently asking for referrals.
  • [18:26] Incentives for referrals: As much as we want to believe people will refer us based on the goodness of their heart and their high opinions of us, we need to make them feel appreciated. An incentive goes a long way in making this a referral a win-win situation for the involved people. Incentives can come in handy in ensuring that we keep getting more and more referrals. These incentives can take many forms, but I found the best is directly related to what you do. For instance, in my referral program, I gave clients 15% off their next project if their referrals become a paying client. This encourages repeat customers, and it’s something easy for me to do.
  • [21:11] Tracking referrals: If you have no idea where a referral came from, it isn’t easy to know who to reward. It is essential always to find out who referred you. It doesn’t have to be incredibly complex; it can be simply ensuring every new prospect opens up on how they learnt about your business. If it is through a referral, you give an incentive. When you get bigger, you can think about using a system to automate tracking of the referrals electronically.

Listen to this informative episode.

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