Committing to and Approaching Your Dreams with Patience with Pauleanna Reid


With Special Guest Pauleanna Reid

Are you being patient with your dreams, and trusting the timing of your life? Often, in order to achieve success, you have to learn to start small and have the patience to wait for big things.

Pauleanna Reid is a senior contributor at ForbesWomen and the founder of The WritersBlok, a full-service celebrity ghostwriting agency. A purpose-driven entrepreneur with a storied career, when she doesn’t have a pen in her hand you can find Pauleanna mentoring millennial women and delivering university guest lectures on entrepreneurship; fulfilling a passion to light up dull classroom curriculums with real-world experience. She is also a mental health advocate, public speaker, and the founder of The New Girl on the Block mentorship program.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Pauleanna shares how she changed careers before finally falling in love with ghostwriting. Listen in to learn how to be committed to a craft to master it, plus the power of mentorship as a creative or business owner.


Pauleanna talks about:

  • How to be patient with your journey and trust the timing of your life.
  • Learn that everyone starts at zero and has a process to success.
  • Ghostwriting for support and empowerment.
  • How to choose a mentor and their importance.
  • The importance of writing down your goals to make them


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:44] How to allow your dreams to evolve. Pauleanna explains how she’s moved among many different careers with curiosity and grace before becoming a writer.
  • [5:07] Life will teach you how to be patient. How to approach your dreams with patience even when life deviates them, plus how to speak them to life.
  • [6:38] Understand that small things move the needle, and great things are simple to keep things in alignment and realize what’s important.
  • [8:52] Pauleanna explains how she has popularized ghostwriting in a business context helping the world’s leaders turn their personal stories into brand assets. She shares how she approaches ghostwriting for business leaders, and the skills of the group of women who work in her agency.
  • [13:50] How to properly vet clients and conducting thorough research before working together
  • [16:31] The New Girl on the Block. How Pauleanna is using her experience and position to impact millennial women through a mentorship program.
  • [19:44] The signs that you’re ready for mentorship. Pauleanna shares tips on how to approach, prioritize, and commit to a mentorship program.
  • [23:27] Pauleanna shares a few actionable tips you need to take as an aspiring entrepreneur.


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