Do It Your Way and Enjoy Freedom, Fun, And Finances with Viv Guy


Would you love to have the freedom of time while still being incredibly productive in your business? By doing things that perfectly align with you and not following shoulds, you can create a fulfilling life and a successful business without compromising.

Viv Guy is an entrepreneur who without realizing her achievements at the time, grew her first company and its profits every year throughout and after the 2008 recession. She sold out her client’s spots for a year in just one month for her brand photography business during the global pandemic and started a new business during the same pandemic.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Viv shares how she pivoted from a business that wasn’t serving her to finding one that was in alignment with her. Listen in to learn the power of showing up unashamedly as yourself to attract clients that resonate with you.


Viv talks about:

  • Build a successful business and a balanced life without compromising.
  • Find what’s in alignment to you to enjoy your business.
  • The power of showing up authentically for your brand.
  • The 3 major Cs to help you design the life of your dreams.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:32] Doing things your way. Viv shares her entrepreneurial journey over the years and how she walked away from all the business shoulds to create what feels good to her.
  • [10:12] Find what’s in alignment with you. She explains why you should find what makes you feel good and be in alignment with what you’re doing.
  • [16:50] How to be unashamedly you when representing your brand and attract clients that resonate with you.
  • [23:56] Viv explains the importance of allowing yourself time to explore who you are and how you show up.
  • [26:31] The 3 Cs to building a balanced life and business. How to be clear about how you want your life to look, build consistency, and connect with people in and out of business.


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