How Building a Customer-Centric Business Can Skyrocket Your Growth with Joe Wadsworth


Would you like to turn your freelance business into one that highly values customers? To grow a customer-centric business, you must be willing to create authentic customer relationships and become flexible to what they want and how they want to be served.

As a classically trained musician and self-taught contemporary music producer, Joe Wadsworth is a dynamic CEO who is committed to giving upcoming artists their opportunity to take the charts by storm without needing to be with a traditional production company. Joe has developed a unique perspective when it comes to what it takes to make it in the industry. He has been successfully producing, coaching, and mentoring artists for over 7 years.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Joe explains the value of being flexible in how you deal with your customers to build long-term relationships. Listen in to learn how to build a successful Instagram business page that attracts clients, plus the power of having clients’ before and after pictures/videos.


Joe talks about:

  • The power of creating authentic human connections in a creative business.
  • Build a successful Instagram business page through a cohesive experience and consistency.
  • How before and after’s work as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Play into your creative strengths to become great in sales.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:03] Joe on how he started and grew his online recording studio business organically from a college dorm room to a team of 30 people across the world.
  • [4:30] How to be flexible in how you operate and deal with your customers. He explains how he tests and reconnects with customers to understand what want and support them.
  • [6:22] The power of creating a real human connection between your business and clients to have good collaboration over the long term.
  • [9:54] He explains his struggles with organizing a big team as a segmenting and growing business in the music industry.
  • [15:46] How to build a successful Instagram business page by focusing on the macros vs. micros, being consistent, and providing transformation evidence. Joe explains the power of using before and after pictures/videos of your clients’ journey as a marketing strategy.
  • [20:33] How to be good at sales as a creative by employing tactics that effectively work for you.

[24:13] Take stock of the value you’re providing as a creative; understand what you’re good and bad at, think of your shock-front assets, be professional, and conduct genuine social media outreach.

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