How to Master Your Mindset and Show Up for Your Business with Chris Richards


Are you feeling stuck in your business even though you’re doing everything you possibly can to see growth? Well, maybe it is your mindset that’s limiting the way you’re showing up to the world and in your business.

Chris Richards is a Mindset Mentor for six figures entrepreneurs and coaches who recognize that after upgrading the marketing and sales, the final barrier to achieve the 7-figure success they desire, is usually hidden within themselves. His clients regularly go from $10k-$20k per month to over $100k per month and beyond, but do it without fears, old money thinking patterns, anxiety, or old habits getting in the way.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Chris explains how your mindset and emotions impact your business and how to shift the way you show up to start seeing growth. Listen in to learn why you should reach out to as many people as you can, and offer value when you’re just starting in business without looking to make a quick buck.


Chris talks about:

  • How to work on your mindset to feel better and show up for your business.
  • How not to base your identity on your business.
  • The threat of impostor syndrome and how to handle it positively.
  • Show up on social media platforms where your target audience hangs out.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

[2:10] How Chris went from the criminal investigation to corporate management before moving into entrepreneurship. He also explains how he healed his childhood traumas and learned the skills to help other people.

[4:15] Understanding that marketing isn’t about selling but creating a relationship with your target audience and having a focus beyond yourself. He explains why you should stop self-focusing and wanting to be number one in your niche.

[10:23] The purpose of your ego and why you shouldn’t demonize it. Chris explains that your ego can get dangerous, especially when you start to tie your identity to your business.

[19:03] Why impostor syndrome happens to your body, its relation to your ego, and how to deal with it positively as an entrepreneur.

[25:27] Chris explains the marketing mindset and why you should price higher to make it about your clients. Learn to walk in the 5–10-year marathon of business and allow yourself to have bad days.

[34:22] The 3 action steps to take when in business; reach out to people and offer value without looking to make a quick buck, seek a mindset person when you’re hitting income ceilings, and accept, forgive, and love yourself without judgment.


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