How to Niche Down on a Problem in a Specific Niche with Trevor Longino


How well are you positioning your business by niching down on a problem within your chosen niche? Do you have a well-executed strategy that allows you to stand out in the value you’re offering to your clients?

Trevor Longino is a marketer, writer, speaker, founder, and growth thinker. He’s launched 50 startups, mentored about 200 more, taught thousands, and launched 12 startups from $0 to $2MM+ in ARR over the last decade, including Unito.io, Gog.com, Kontakt.io, and ThePrizeFactory.com.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Trevor explains how he came up with his grow-to-market experiment and how he uses it to help startups scale and grow. Listen in to learn how you can strategically niche down your business and the problem you want to solve within that niche.


Trevor talks about:

  • The strategy of niching down on a specific industry and a problem.
  • How to create a business scaling experiment that’s resilient to market changes.
  • The value of processes documentation in your business.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:01] Trevor describes his career background as a writer and content marketer plus how he helps startups scale up to $2 million in revenue.
  • [5:02] How to specialize in a specific niche and problem. How Trevor was able to niche down by focusing specifically on early-stage startups and getting them off the ground.
  • [8:46] The grow to market experiment. Trevor explains how he first helps startups drive clicks to their website, create a landing page with the right messaging, test their working channel, and then learn how to optimize that funnel.
  • [16:14] The different remarketing activities you can carry out to build sales funnels after the grow-to-market experiment.
  • [18:34] Trevor explains how he learned and mastered his grow to market strategy and how he’s continuing to learn it even more.
  • [22:20] How to improve your processes by forcing yourself to be better at them when teaching them to someone else.


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