How to Package and Price Your Services as a Creative with Gaby Diemeke


Gaby DiemekeAre you confused about how to price your service packages as a creative? How about letting the time and money you’ve invested into your skill validate how you charge for your services?

Gaby Deimeke decided to start charging according to her value in her photography business, which not only made the business lucrative but also helped in weeding out the unideal clients. Gaby is a freelance commercial and portrait photographer based in Austin Texas.

In today’s episode, Gaby shares about her Badass Women Project started in New York and now in Austin, and how it has helped expand her photography business. She also shares her tips on how to package your services as a creative and attract your ideal client.

This episode covers:

  • How to project confidence when building a network.
  • Making career or business moves while in uncertainty and doubt as a creative.
  • Understanding how to package your services as a creative.
  • How to attract your ideal client.

Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [0:36] Gaby narrates how she became a photographer and the different avenues of it she’s pursuing.
  • [3:17] The value of building a network for creatives, to get your name out there. Gaby shares how she projected confidence to develop a pitch when building her network.
  • [6:11] The badass women project that Gaby started in New York, which involved photo sessions and interview questions with badass female founders and entrepreneurs.
  • [8:48] Learn to do it anyway even when in doubt. Gaby shares the common trait she noticed with women she interviewed, of making career and business moves even when uncertain.
  • [12:28] Pricing for creatives. How to eliminate the idea your art can’t be lucrative by packaging your services according to how you’ve invested in your skill and the value you bring.
  • [18:08] How to move your business ahead by putting out the type of client you want to attract. We discuss the importance of taking on challenging projects to help you to develop your skills.

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