How to Start and Scale a Niche Creative Business with Andy Cabasso


Imagine creating a creative business so good that you end up selling it to start another! Sounds like a dream us creatives would love to realize, right?

Well, Andy Cabasso did live this dream where he co-founded JurisPage – an internet marketing agency helping law firms create websites that gave them better online visibility. He later sold it and is now the founder at Postaga, where they help people build links and get traffic to their websites.

In today’s episode, Andy shares the trade secrets that enabled him to start and scale a very niched creative business. Andy also shares lessons he learned from some of the mistakes he and his team made early on in the business.

Andy and I talk about:

  • What it means to build a productized service.
  • Benefits of building a very niched creative business.
  • Creating a recurring payment plan in your business and the benefits of payment terms.

Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [3:57] Build a productized service! Andy shares how having a standardized process that was implemented on each project, while still offering great work to clients, helped his business scale.
  • [7:17] Is it worth it to have a specific business niche? Andy shares how having a specific niche enabled their ideal client to find them and also reuse the same assets across clients.
  • [11:56] Find out the pricing package that JurisPage had in place and what the differentiators were.
  • [13:32] How to create a recurring repayment plan that provides value to your client. Andy talks about how they filtered out clients who didn’t fit with their business principles.
  • [17:47] How do you set up your payment terms so your client pays you? Andy gives out tips on how they set up payment terms that ensured they were paid on time.
  • [21:49] Finding a solution to an existing struggle. Why Andy left the web design industry and joined the software industry by creating a system for their agency to be acquired.

Andy’s Special Offer;

If you’re interested in learning more about what Postaga can do for your business – or your client’s business – then check it out now and you can get 50% off your first month when you use the code “friends50”

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