It’s Not You, It’s Your Goals: The Two Missing Pieces Every Freelancer Needs to Achieve More.

January 21, 2022

It was 2am and I sat on the floor of my office crying because I had ended yet another year without achieving my goals.

They weren’t unrealistic goals. I wanted to earn $100k in revenue, take the weekends off, and be able to go on vacation in the summer with my family.

So why wasn’t I able to achieve them? Why did I set those same goals for almost 5 years in a row, without ever coming close?

It wasn’t because I couldn’t generate revenue. It wasn’t because I was missing a key marketing tactic or didn’t have the right connections.

It was how I was setting my goals.

And in the process of tripling my freelance revenue since then, I’ve discovered a way to create goals that are almost guaranteed to be reached every time, saving you the 2am tears.

Creating Meaningful Goals

Have you ever set the goal of a $10k month or a $100k year?

How did you some up with that number? Was it given to you by someone else or pulled randomly out of the air?

Meaningful goals aren’t nice and round. Since they’ve been created based on your desired lifestyle costs they might look like $8700 per month or $72000 per year.

Lead Goals vs Lag Goals

You can’t control how much money you earn.

We’ve been led to believe we do. But the only thing we can control are the actions we take every day. Instead of creating lag goals that only show up at the end of your efforts, how can you create lead goals so you can get instant feedback?

Earning $100k this year is a lag goal. Having seven sales conversations with new clients this month is a lead goal.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Goals

You’ve been led to believe that achieving goals is as simple as setting the intention and then working your tush off. But if you’re setting the wrong goals or those goals have no meaning to you, you’re be setting yourself up for failure every time.

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