Maximize Your Business Growth Through Excellent Customer Service with Dr. Kelly Henry


With Special Guest Dr. Kelly Henry

How would you describe your business’s customer service? Is your customer service enough to maximize your business’s growth and profits? For growth and scalability to happen, you have to relentlessly and consistently make your customers or potential customers feel their best.

For 20 years, award-winning chiropractor, Dr. Kelly Henry helped his patients live healthy lives. With the foundation of providing exceptional customer service, Dr. Kelly grew his clinics into one of the top producing chiropractic offices in the nation with multiple locations and doctors. Since 2018, Dr. Kelly has used his system to coach business leaders on improving customer service to create incredible growth and profits.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Dr. Kelly explains why you should keep the mindset that your business is there to serve the customer and not the other way around. Listen in to learn why the last impression is more vital to the customer than the first impression.


Dr. Henry talks about:

  • How to keep the mindset that your business is there to serve the customer
  • Be the best part of your customer’s day
  • The vitality of the lasting last impression with a customer and how to establish it
  • Be overly friendly and use manners to establish and enhance communication


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [0:30] How Dr. Kelly meshed his expertise in customer service and coaching to help small businesses maximize their growth and profits.
  • [2:26] The philosophy/culture of customer service. This is the relentless focus and making the customer feel their best when doing business with you.
  • [3:43] How to keep the mindset that you’re there for the customer and not them for you even through the challenges.
  • [5:30] Factors on how to look at customer service objectively with simple concepts and consistency.
  • [7:45] Customer service protocols /actions. This includes making a lasting first and last impression with the customer.
  • [10:40] Dr. Kelly shares some tips on how to establish and enhance customer service with potential customers.
  • [14:38] Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service, a book on customer service by Dr. Kelly.


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