Ready to earn consistent revenue from your creative services?

Easily Create & Market

Profitable Packages

That free you from the revenue roller coaster (...even if you’re just starting out or have pivoted your services)

Do you work with clients trading your time, creativity and skills for money?

Wether you're a graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, virtual assistant or social media manager (and even if you do all the above), I'm about to show you the best method to making more profit in your business.

Creativity = Problem Solving
and even if you feel like you're not a "creative", your services absolutely solve a problem for your clients and you deserve to be profitable doing it.

Have you heard this myth?

Experts say you need to deep dive into your client’s business in order to come up with your packages and pricing…

That each project you quote on needs to be created with a customized, “value-based”  solution that’s difficult to execute and takes up tons of your time…

...and all that before you even get an inkling of a yes!

But let me ask you this…
“What if you had a suite of perfectly priced and attractive packages designed to work for YOU first?”

If you think they would be easier to sell, easier to promote and easier to execute on then yes, you’re 100% right.

The side effects of having the perfect packages for your business include:

Higher revenue & more profit

With packages designed to be profitable right from the start, you don’t have to worry about seat of your pants pricing affecting your bottom line. Every package is profitable and will help you reach your financial goals faster (hop off that feast and famine roller coaster.)

Easier marketing & promotion

When everything is custom, nothing can be explained to your clients without a lengthy discussion. With clearly defined packages you can promote and sell your services with ease knowing each one is designed to get big results for your clients (hello case studies!)

Clear & focused delivery process

Wash, rinse, repeat, get creative. Having clearly defined packages allows you to create systems and boundaries around your work. You’ll never have to worry about out of scope projects or working too much for too little (say goodbye to recreating the wheel for every client.)


Let me show you the results I’ve achieved with this process in my own creative business…






(in a pandemic + 6 mths off for personal reasons)


But numbers like these can be deceiving - it’s not the revenue you should be focused on...

In 2018 my profit margin was lower than 20%.
And in 2020? It grew to an astounding 70%.

Even in a very bad year, I not only had higher revenue, but more than tripled my profit margin after implementing this package creation process.

higher profit = more money in your pocket each month


Perfectly Profitable packages

Easily create and market profitable packages that free you from the revenue roller coaster.

This program distills 12 years of experience with every method of pricing and packaging services for a creative business.

No one method had the solution. So I took bits and pieces from each and forged them into a process that guarantees profitability and aligns with the way creatives work.

And once I shared it with others, I discovered it worked for them too…

After seeing the results both in my business and for other creatives, I knew I had to share this alternative to the strict value-based pricing method and the unprofitable seat-of-your-pants method so often used by creative professionals.


  • Knowing every project you work on will pay what you need to survive and thrive - based on real data and not just a random monthly goal.
  • Always knowing exactly what to say on a discovery or strategy call because you can offer them the perfect package for their goals.
  • Never worrying about scope creep or projects going awry when your process and work is clearly outlined for everyone involved.

Wins from creatives who now have profitable packages...

"Packed Full of Golden Nuggets..."

If you're having trouble trying to price your services then this is the course for you. It's packed full of golden nuggets and so easy to implement. Gabrielle shares a lot of information that will lead you in the right direction to price your services.

Kim Beasley, Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager


This course has helped me not only build the framework for my packages working with nonprofits, but also helps me position them in such a way that gives me confidence when presenting them on sales calls. Simply brilliant!


Instructional Designer

"Loved the Simple Step by Step Process..."

I loved the simple step by step process, making you feel confident you have a great AND profitable package to sell. I love that you had transcripts too as sometimes, you just want to scan through to find that golden nugget...


Online Business Strategist



you'll experience inside of Perfectly Profitable Packages...

How to price your packages based on real financial data so you can be profitable right now instead of a random time in the future.

The four types of packages all creatives need to know about and the key framework for creating them, plus the key pitfalls to avoid

Why some package types are not for you and how to figure out your perfect way of working so you never worry about burnout or overwhelm.

How to plan out your perfect packages so you never miss deadlines, never go out of scope, and wow your clients every time.

How to create the one magic sheet that will make promoting on social media and sales call 100% smoother from here on out.

How to create drool-worthy messaging around your packages so your clients immediately say “I want that!”

And to make sure you have EVERYTHING

you need to create packages aligned with what YOU want to achieve in your creative business, you’ll also get access to these special bonuses…


My Eyes on Your Packages! Personal Package Review

Get another set of eyes on your packages with this unique review bonus. Don't worry about creating your packages in isolation, I'll hop in and provide feedback so your packages are as powerful and as profitable as they can be!


Private Podcast Feed of Program Content

Learn better with audio? Get instant access to the members-only podcast feed so you can listen to each lesson on-the-go on your favourite podcast player.


Simplify Your Schedule Mini-Course by Cailen Ascher
($297 Value)

Get ready to intentionally design your perfect schedule so you can make the best use of your time and set yourself up to work less, make more and live better. Cailen is a master scheduler who famously coined the phrase “the 3 day workweek” and you’ll learn her secrets in this fabulous mini-course!

transform your service packages today!

just $197


Buy it, Try it, Apply it.

You’re backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

For those of you on the fence, been burned in the past or don’t know me that well yet, I want to give you every chance to experience how easy it can be to create packages designed to help you get off the feast and famine roller coaster.

That’s why I’m giving you 30 days to go through this program and use it to create packages for your business. And on the off chance you find they don’t work for you, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

Hi! I'm Gabrielle...

I've spent the last 11 years learning what it takes to build a creative business that supports you...

My web design and marketing business has served clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies, international best-selling authors, Mom & Pop stores and world-renowned motivational speakers.

Once I figured out what worked? I grew from earning mid 5 figures per year to charging 5 figures per project... without working more and with much higher profit margins.

If you're a creative professional ready to move forward (AKA having a waitlist of eager ideal clients, being crazy profitable on every project you work on and reaching your financial goals) then you're in the right place.

have questions? here's answers!

I do very specialized work - will this work for me?

I just pivoted to a new industry/career/niche and haven’t done a lot of client projects yet, will this help?

[Expert] told me that I should always do value-based pricing - why should I use this method instead?

How long is this going to take me?

How does the package review process work?

I’m just starting out in my creative business - should I worry about this yet?

How is this different from other packaging or pricing methods?

Is this all about high-ticket pricing?

What if this doesn't work for me?


your creative business could look if…

  • You didn’t have to worry if you have enough money this month (or if this month is up, wether next month will be down)
  • You actually looked forward to sales calls and discovery calls because they’re easy and fun
  • You spent your time doing work you love in a way that feels right to you
  • You were attracting perfect fit clients left, right, and centre because your packages are calling out specifically to them
  • Every client you worked with sang your praises because of the huge results your work brought them

the simplest way to be more profitable in your creative business!

start today for just $197!

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