Powerful Ways to Set Boundaries and Navigate Rest with Jason Leadingham


Do you have any set boundaries that govern your daily life? Having boundaries in every aspect of your life allows you to navigate rest and achieve maximum physical and mental wellbeing.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Jason talks about the importance of setting personal and professional boundaries to help navigate rest and avoid burnout. Listen in to learn the importance of setting boundaries that can be adjusted to fit the daily rhythm of your life and achieve a work/life balance.

Jason Leadingham is a father of two little ones (2 and 4), a full-time minister as well as a professionally trained male voice-over talent, and a SAG-AFTRA eligible commercial, TV, and stage actor for over 20 years of formal acting education and experience. His voice can be classified anywhere between mid ‘20s to early ‘50s. He can give you professionally sounding voices from that conversational “guy next door” to a believable-sounding cartoon figure.


Jason talks about:

  • The importance of setting personal, business, and family boundaries.
  • Learn to define the rhythm that fits your life when setting boundaries.
  • How to utilize your network to market your services.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:50] Jason explains the importance of setting boundaries to help navigate rest and avoid burnout.
  • [8:37] How to guard your boundaries fiercely. Jason on how to make your boundaries a habit that you guard daily but can also adjust and tweak when needed.
  • [12:37] The importance of setting aside time daily for a personal “meeting” to breathe and reflect on your achievements.
  • [13:42] Find micro and macro rhythms of life to rest and sustain your growth.
  • [18:33] Jason explains how authenticity fits into his life as an actor, a church minister, and a family man.
  • [21:36] Peer-to-peer direct marketing. How he uses word of mouth to market his services to friends as a voice-over artist.
  • [23:38] Jason describes his career plans plus some activities he does for himself.


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