Simple Email Scripts to Get Endless Referrals for Your Freelance Work (Without That Icky Sales Feeling)

January 6, 2022

Referrals are the lifeblood of freelancers. But asking for them can feel a bit… uncomfortable.

We’d love if our favourite clients told the world about how amazing we are, but the truth is, they probably don’t know we’re looking for more work. Thankfully, by sliding these two sample snippets into your conversations, you can make them aware and not feel sales-ey in the process.

I’ve used these snippets in every client project in my freelance business, which has led to over 90% of my revenue coming from referrals.

To Get the Referral, You Need to Ask

Asking for a referral should be as simple as possible.

Don’t be afraid to just come right out and ask! Use this first snippet in an existing email:

I wanted to mention that I’m currently accepting new clients who need X or Y. Know of anyone who might be looking for this type of work? I’d really appreciate an introduction or you can shoot me off their contact info and I’ll reach out to them.

Bake it Into Your Client Process

Make this a consistent part of your client projects.

You can even automate it so you don’t forget. But making sure you send an email like this one to every client, after every project, is sure to get you more referrals.

Hi [Client Name],

We’ve just wrapped up [Project name or deliverable]  and would love to continue doing great work like this.

Do you have any other projects you feel we’d be a good fit for?

Or, do you know anyone else who may be looking for a great [web developer, designer, writer, etc]  for their business?

If so, I’d really appreciate an introduction. I work mainly through referrals so you’d really be helping me out.


[Your name ]

Your clients aren’t afraid of being sold to.

They’ve already purchased from you at least once, so asking for another project from them or their network isn’t going to make them run for the hills.

The more you ask, the more referrals you’ll receive, and the more your freelancing business will grow.

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