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secret weapon:

Attract the best clients, charge what you're worth and fall in love with your work again

Discover how one creative professional went from six years of never hitting her goals to charging five figures per project.

For creative professionals

Tired Of...

Spending hours creating proposals 

only to be told "we'll get back to you" (yeah right)

scrolling through endless #jobopp posts

or listings on Upwork and

Chasing after red-flag clients

who won't get back to you or pay on time

Dreading opening your email on Mondays

'cause there's 31 frantic client emails waiting

constantly defending why you're better

than the $5 an hour provider on Fiverr

dealing with micromanaging clients

who don't trust you or your skills

Then it's time

for a change...

One that leaves you confidently talking to prospects who are pre-sold and eager to work with you. 

Having a roster of clients who let you do your best work while respecting your boundaries, PLUS never having to worry about objections when you tell them the price.


Gabrielle Chipeur

Gabrielle Chipeur

I've been a web and graphic designer for 16 years and have owned my company since 2010. 

But in 2016, I was no better off than when I started - in fact, I was even worse - with a huge pile of debt and a list of projects I didn't want to do, for red flag clients I didn't want to work with.

But then I discovered what ACTUALLY works to grow a creative business and started doing more of it...

I went from working with clients I could barely stand, to attracting ones who made my heart sing. I went from wondering where my money went each month to charging up to five figures for each project.

And I also stopped working late nights, early mornings and spare moments to keep up with the constant need for more clients (hello weekends off!)

"Secret Weapon paves the way for you to MAGNIFICENTLY

Show up for Yourself!

Michelle Cherian | Graphic Designer

Secret Weapon starts as a practical manual for everything you need to do to be a superstar [...] but soon we realize that these practices ladder up to a much deeper point - how to uplevel your whole way of being in the game. Secret Weapon paves the way for you to magnificently show up for yourself - and as a result your clients. It’s a must read for anyone ready to love not just their work but also the business that supports that work.“

"It really feels like a genuine conversation with a badass friend who is trying to give YOU

All theTools to Succeed"

Dani McGregor | Graphic & Web Designer

"I love how honest you are. I loved the tips and tricks. I also love how you discuss the main issues that service providers deal with and how you conquered them. It really feels like a genuine conversation with a badass friend who is trying to give you all the tools to succeed."



I want to help you to stop the cycle of under charging and overworking so you can feel completely satisfied with your work.