The Freelance Sales Secret to Earning up to 50% More Work in 2022

January 14, 2022

“I’m just not a sales person – I want to work on my projects and not have to convince someone to work with me.”

Freelancers are great at what we do and produce amazing projects for our clients. But selling them? Not our forte.

But in the process of selling over $750k worth of freelance work, I’ve refined a sales method for freelancers that not only increases the number of projects you win, but makes the whole process far less stressful.

Introducing the Two-Step Sales Call

You may be thinking you have only one chance to win over a client.

And during that chance you have to convince them you’re the best choice, offer them a price on the spot, and handle all their objections.

It’s exhausting. But the two-step sales process is a totally different animal and I’d love to share it with you today.

Step 1: The Initial Consult

Think of this as your info gathering step.

It starts by telling the client they won’t be getting a price today – that’s handled in step 2.

This frees you to focus on listening and asking questions. When you feel you have all you need to come up with some solid pricing and project details, you schedule a second call for you to present your solution.

Step 2: The Presentation

Time to think and the space to plan allows you to price without fear.

During your second call, you get to present your solution and why it’s the best one for them. You can handle objections, answer their questions and feel far more confident in your pricing.

What You Can Expect With This Method

The best reason to adopt this sales method is that you’re no longer put on the spot to come up with pricing.

And when you have the space and time to fully think through a project, you have the luxury of turning down work that isn’t a good fit or won’t be profitable.

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