The Value of Attraction Marketing in Growing Your Business with Chad Wittfeldt


Have you ever thought of experimenting with attraction-based marketing in your business? Attraction-based marketing is a form of marketing where you use your expertise in your field to attract your ideal customer without even telling them to purchase. How cool is that, right?

Chad Wittfeldt started investing in the equities market when he was 17 years old, and a few years later moved over to currency markets. Through some trials and tribulations, Chad closed his first apartment building deal. Today, he’s partnered on over $40,000,000 in real estate syndications, scaled a multiple 6 figure consulting agency, mines, stakes, and trades cryptocurrency in his free time.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Chad shares how he discovered attraction marketing and how it helped grow his business and expertise. Listen in to learn the importance of understanding your ideal customer and the acquisition stage they’re in, to strategically market to them.


Chad talks about:

  • How to build a thought leadership platform for attraction-based marketing.
  • Don’t wait to be an expert to start doing what you want to do.
  • The value of defining your ideal target customer when starting a business.
  • How to strategically market to your ideal customer at every stage of customer acquisition.


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:30] Attraction-based marketing and thought leadership platform. Chad narrates all the events that led him to attraction-based marketing after he started doing real estate deals.
  • [5:47] How Chad and his business partner created thought-leadership platforms to attract partners and investors into their real estate business.
  • [8:48] How to stand out on social media by being upfront and honest about your inexperience to attract even more people into your learning journey.
  • [10:31] How to start your business with the end in mind. Learn to define and attract your ideal customer to be successful with attraction marketing.
  • [17:06] The four different stages that a client goes through before they decide to purchase. Understand the stage your target customer is in to properly and strategically market to them.
  • [25:59] How to be focused on high-dollar lead acquisition to ensure you offer high value to your clients and scale your business quickly and effectively.
  • [28:12] Chad on how he uses his hobby and passion as a way to make business connections.


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