Tips On How to Master the Tech in Your Business with Jacqui Money


Would you like to confidently simplify the tech in your business? Tech and automation when done correctly have the ability to save you money and time and help you scale your business without hiring a large team.

Jacqui Money is a South African entrepreneur who works with coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs who are ready to fully leverage their tech to simplify their business, automate systems, and scale with a course or membership so they can save time, drive more sales, and scale their profits.

In today’s episode of The Well-Paid Creative, Jacqui explains how she helps business owners confidently master the tech in their businesses and incorporate what works for them while doing away with what doesn’t. Listen in to learn the importance of getting expert tech advice when starting your business instead of trying to do it yourself and steer clear of avoidable mistakes.


Jacqui talks about:

  • How to save money and time with tech in your business.
  • Take advantage of free trials and tiers of tech tools and see what works for you or doesn’t.
  • How to confidently simplify your tech by not over-automating everything.
  • Get expert tech advice at the beginning of your business.
  • The beauty of automation for professionalism.  


Here’s a glance at some of the things we talked about:

  • [2:25] How she and her husband pivoted into the tech side of running a business after a series of events.
  • [5:09] Jacqui explains the excitement and challenge she finds in joining different pieces of tech together and making it work for businesses.
  • [6:54] How they help clients with a “done for you solution” where they do the tech problem for clients plus the membership program where clients can learn to do the tech themselves or confidently hire people to do it for them.
  • [10:52] How to break down tech for business owners and prevent overwhelm. This ensures they’re confidently making informed decisions on what they need and don’t need in their businesses.
  • [16:19] How to scale your business without hiring a large team and instead of putting the tech and automation in place to replace the team.
  • [18:46] Get solid expert advice on the correct tech that you need for your business at the very beginning.
  • [21:35] How to start by brainstorming the process and then figure out where to automate some or all of that process.


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