Tired of Trying to Achieve Flow State While Working? Try These Two Lesser Known States Instead.

January 18, 2022

You look up from your work and realize it’s been three hours.

Three glorious hours where the flow state grabbed hold and you got more done than you did all week. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it?

Flow state is a common goal for freelancers and creatives – but the actual times we’re able to drop into that state are minimal. And when we don’t achieve it that day, or week or month? We feel less-than, as if we’re not achieving our true potential.

But what if you focused instead on two less popular states? Ones that lead to far more satisfying work and allow us to make room for that flow state to show up.

While not as sexy as flow, these states are just as important for freelancers to succeed in their work.

Chopping Wood

There comes a time when you need to put your head down and get as much done as possible.

Chopping wood is about quantity. It’s not for highly skilled work. This state is best when you have a bunch of tasks that don’t require a large mental load. When you’re chopping wood your focus should be on getting as much done as possible.

Hauling Water

How will you not spill a drop?

Hauling water requires more mental energy to ensure you’re doing your tasks right. We could load up a cart with water but if the road is bumpy – we might lose half of it along the way. Hauling water is about going slow, double checking everything along the way, and adjusting as needed.

Both of These States Lead to Flow

We both know that flow can’t be forced and it most often arrives when we least expect it. Focusing instead on these two other states allows it to slide easily into the mix when we’re least expecting it.

When we make room for flow, it shows up.

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