Work Less and Reach More People Using These Two Strategies with Dayana Mayfield


With Special Guest Dayana Mayfield

Episode Summary

Dayana Mayfield, owner of Pitch and Profit, is a copywriter and digital PR expert who helps tech companies grow their reach. She made 6 figures two years into starting her business, but something wasn’t quite right. She didn’t want to only make money – she wanted to build something beyond herself.

In this episode, Dayana discusses two crucial growth strategies that she used to turn her service-based business around. Tune in to find out how you can work less, adopt a novel hybrid approach to working with more people and have more people visit your website.


Key Takeaways:

  • Horizontal niching is a great way to scale your business while remaining true to your passion and maintaining the same target clientele.
  • Make a course that is a ‘do it yourself’ version of your main offering. Provide rich value in the course but don’t give away everything.
  • Creating a course focused on your main service is an effective way to bring people into your audience and fill your future pipeline.
  • Public relations (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO) work together. PR is proof of what you claim in your SEO.
  • You cannot just do on site SEO. You have to have quality backlinks. Digital PR is a great way to get backlinks.
  • Pick your favorite key phrase and solidify your authority on that topic. Don’t cast a wide net.


Your new content strategy:

“This idea that you have to be creating tonnes of content on your own site is not accurate… companies will be so much better off if they consider “what are the 5-10 key phrases that would change my business; if I ranked for those what would that do for me?” So, you’re better off doing 20% of your effort on your site and 80% on guest posts and podcast interviews to rank for those rather than write a blog on your website every week”  – Dayana Mayfield

Have you ever used digital PR? How will you be tweaking your content strategy after listening to this episode?


Episode Timestamps:

[00:28] What Dayana discovered after making 6 figures

[02:08] Want to scale your business? Try this.

[07:58] How to break down your offers

[10:25] Why you need both Public Relations (PR) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

[15:12] Why is using PR effective?

[17:43] Stop writing weekly blogs, use this PR strategy instead

[21:07] The only SEO PR Checklist you need

[22:40] This is what Dayana Mayfield does in her free time


Connect with Dayana Mayfield:

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